• With over 20 years experience Carter Water separates itself from the competition as a leader in knowledge and customer service.
  • We are rated A Top Service Provider on Angie's List and hold a 4.2 rating on Google.
  • Family owned and operated.
  • A first time customer service call is ONLY $59.95.

Carter Water has over 20 years’ experience servicing all of today’s popular brands of water softening and filtration equipment. We service and repair manufacturer brands:

  • Rainsoft
  • Auto Trol
  • Fleck
  • Clack
  • Watershield
  • Stenne
  • Uni Dose
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • And More


Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtration Filter Changes
Should be changed annually, depending upon brand.

Resin and carbon expire over time, we can replace it without replacing your entire system.

Well Water Chlorination Systems
From duc bills to roller assemblies, we carry all major components to service your well system.

Free Water Testing
Just moving in and curious to know your homes water quality? We can tell you at no out of pocket expense.

Brine Tank Cleaning
Over time “mushing” can occur in your salt tank and can interfere with brine draw.

Carbon Cap
Carbon over time can dissipate, we offer the solution to stop the odors and chlorine from coming back.

Chemical Free Well Water Treatment
It is possible to remove iron and sulfur without the need of harsh chemicals.

Annual Tune Up
Keep your system operating perfectly with a tune up today, featuring our Res Care Cleaner.
And Many More

Common Repairs:

Your valve consists of seals, o rings and pistons that need to be lubricated to ensure their proper performance. Your system is a machine and all machines require regular maintenance, water treatment systems are no different.

Small tears or cracks can cause your water bill to rise or your well pump to kick on more often than it should. Annual maintenance keeps that from happening and keeps your investment operating the way it was designed to perform.

You change the oil in your car? Change your homes air filter regularly?

Your water treatment system needs that same attention. Schedule today Contact us...

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